Upcoming Dartmouth events you shouldnt miss

If you are an outdoor enthusiast then Dartmouth is one of the Canadian cities that you should actually visit. From outdoor festivities to kayaking and canoeing in lakes of the city there are many events in Dartmouth which you can enjoy. The city is full of zealous people and same are the events which are not only highly regarded but attended by large crowds. Dartmouth has always been center of such activities and this is also one of the reasons to attract tourists to this city. Whether it is a cultural activity or planned tour Dartmouth has a lot to offer to its visitors which make this city as one of the best not only in Nova Scotia but in Canada.

1. Free Family Concert: Black is Beautiful

If you are willing to know the everlasting history of music in the region then this event is for you. It is a blend of cultural activities and music night in Dartmouth. You can register both online and offline to ensure that the best and the most entertaining moments are spent with your family. The concert is only for families and only group bookings are accepted which means no individuals. Learn about how music has influenced the region and continues doing so till now. The event is completely free for families with children.

Free Family Concert: Black is Beautiful

2. An Insider’s Look at Homegrown Startup Success

An Insider’s Look at Homegrown Startup SuccessHave you ever wondered that how can you run a successful business? If not then this event is for you. Brought to you by Startup Canada this event makes sure that the best and the most advanced tactics are applied in a practical environment to get business success. It is more of the study tour for ambitious businessmen that want their business to further boom. The best part of An Insider’s Look at Homegrown Startup Success is that it is completely free of cost. The issues and problems which startups can face will also be discussed in detail. It will also allow the participants to ask questions and discuss the issues which they currently face.

3. The 50th International Snowmobile Congress

The entry fee ranges from $100 to $325 so it is not for the ones looking to attend the free events. The delegates from all over Canada will be visiting The 50th International Snowmobile Congress to ensure that safety and security measures are applied for snowmobiling. There are hundreds of accidents and mishaps that occur each year because of the sport. Attending the congress will ensure that next time you step into this sport you are ready to combat any mishap with ease.

4. Dairy Focus Atlantic

Dairy Focus AtlanticAll the milk boards from Canada and Atlantic join hands to make sure that safe and secure working environment is fostered. This also ensures that the best techniques are applied to get rid of the issues which the dairy workplaces face. The conference will be held at Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel 1919 Upper Water Street Halifax, NS B3J 3J5 Canada. How a consumer gets safer dairy products is another question which is answered. The exhibition is also held as a part of this conference.