Brief overview of tourism in Dartmouth

Known as the City of Lakes the Dartmouth has a lot to offer to the visitors and the cycle continues for the entire year. The city is very beautiful and welcoming therefore subliminally inviting tourists from all over the world. The best part of the city is the fact that it is very consumer friendly. The economical prices of the place allow and encourage more people to pay a visit. There are many places in Dartmouth which are worth paying a visit. Such places are both historic and entertaining in nature. They ensure that the city is known and adequate knowledge is collected. It increases the fun factor and allows the users to make the trip worth remembering.

1. Shubie Park

With a span of more than 35 hectares this place is widely popular and visited by almost every tourist that visits Dartmouth. It is maintained by Halifax Municipality and therefore a well-preserved place that is rated high by the tourists. Located on 118 Expressway it is easily accessible and can easily be reached via car. Two of the most famous lakes i.e. Lake Micmac and Lake Charles is also located near to this park which makes it even interesting place to visit. The best part of the park is the canal that passes in between and is a very popular destination for the tourists.

Shubie Park

2. Dartmouth Crossing

If you are fond of the commercial area then Dartmouth Crossing is a place which you should definitely visit. It is a series of commercial properties which are established and maintained by the provincial government. North American Development Group is the one that also provides complete support to the governmentas the same group has 100% stake in the project. The best part of the area is that you can find almost everything of general use and the area also hosts entertainment facilities such as bars and pubs. The project has an estimated worth of $250+ million. A large number of tourists visit the place all the yearlong and hence it is one of the most visited places in Dartmouth.

3. Shearwater Aviation Museum

Canadian Maritime Military Aviation is the one that is glorified through this industry and hence it is highly regarded by the tourists. There are several old artifacts which are on thedisplay when it comes to this place and hence it is highly regarded. Shearwater Aviation Museum provides opportunities to spend time and gain some very insightful knowledge about the subject. Apart from Canadian Maritime history the museum also features Canadian Naval history and its achievements.

 Shearwater Aviation Museum

4. Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Also abbreviated as BIO the institute is regarded as one of the most visited places of Dartmouth. It is owned and operated by the Government of Canada and allows the visitors to fully explore the ocean by means of latest oceanography equipment placed in the facility. It can be regarded as once in a lifetime experience and therefore the tourists love to avail the opportunity. The research vessels, as well as Canadian Coast Guard equipment, can also be explored which makes the trip memorable for all.