Interesting facts about Dartmouth

Dartmouth is perhaps one of the best and most interesting places which you can visit in Nova Scotia. Spare some time and you would be enjoying indigenous life just like a normal resident does in the city. From playing volleyball to ice hockey and from visiting astounding freshwater lakes to museums this city has a lot to offer to its visitors. The best part of Dartmouth is that it is located near to Halifax Harbor which is a famous point of attraction. There are many fun facts about the city which not even the locals know. Some of these could be enjoyed others could be viewed and rest provide both ways of getting in touch.

1. Connectivity

The connectivity of the city is matchless and there are many interesting facts which are related to the idea. Some points to remember in relation to the city’s connectivity are:

  • There is a ferry service that connects Halifax to Dartmouth and it is the oldest ferry service of not only the city but of North America. The best part is that the service still operates and transports hundreds from one place to another.
  • The MacKay Bridge of the city was built in 1970 and till now it is called anew bridge by the locals. If you are in the city and you heard this name immediately recognize that you are listening to MacKay Bridge. It is all because of the fact that the bridge is maintained by the local municipality and till now it is as good as new.
  • The second most recognized bridge of the city is McDonald Bridge which was built in thelate It is therefore 60 years of age and still serving the community with full enthusiasm.

2. Lake Banook

Everyone knows where Lake Banook is situated and you would be probably thinking what’s so interesting about the place. Think again! The lake is known as the water sports and therefore hundreds and thousands of locals and tourists visit the spot. Not interesting? Well, how about if you get to know that the Lake is the birthplace of ice hockey. Though many believe it to be afarce some historians actually believe that it is a fact. So now when you visit the place you would be seeing it with a different eye.

3. Kids favorite playground

MacDonald Bridge
MacDonald Bridge

The MacDonald Bridge does not derive its name from the McDonald’s that is situated next to it. But throughout your childhood, you would have been in love with the place. Guess what? Most of the kids still love the place and it is all because of the fact that branch of MacDonald’s was first in the region to offer a large play area to the kids.

4. Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

The Dartmouth Colledge has always advocated the rights of women and therefore it is the first university of the country that has started an undergraduate program for women. It allows these women to study in their field of interest and therefore it is highly regarded and followed by other Canadian universities.