Major waterbodies of the City of Lakes

There are 25 lakes which are situated in the city of Dartmouth. It is therefore known as the City of Lakes and hence visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. The lakes present an awesome and state of the art view which automatically becomes a tourist attraction and the fact is not just related to Dartmouth. 25 lakes in the city mean that there are ample opportunities for visiting the places which will make your holidays worth remembering. All 25 lakes of the city are worth paying a visit which rarely happens because tourists are always short of time. In a nutshell, there are some lakes which should be given priority to others.

1. Lake Banook

Lake Banook

The lake is full of attractions which one cannot ignore at all. There are kayak, rowing and canoeing clubs around the lake which make it one of the best lakes to visit in Dartmouth. The best tradition which is related to this lake is that it is a place where the Canadian ice hockey was born. Not only tourists but the locals also visit the place almost every day. The strength doubles on weekends and on special occasions. The weekdays are recommended to tourists as well as families as the ambiance is cool and quiet. Most of the kayak and rowing competitions of Dartmouth are hosted by this lake which further increases its significance. It is 1210 meters in length and the average depth is 35+ ft.

2. Lake Micmac

Lake Micmac

The canal system of Dartmouth is one of the best ones in the region and Lake Micmac is considered to be the second lake of the system. It is a freshwater lake that has been attracting tourists from the time it’s discovered. The best part of the lake is that it is easily accessible. This is also one of the reasons for ahigh number of visitors throughout the year. The lake is further surrounded by Shubie Park which is another attraction and on the top of the list of tourist coming to Dartmouth. As the second lake in Dartmouth lake system, this lake is also occupied by water sports enthusiast with many water sporting events taking place here all the yearlong.

3. Morris Lake

Morris LakeIt is another place which is highly recommended to those that are looking for the quiet ambiance. There are other attractions which are related to the lake and there is a helicopter facility which is also visited by the users. The other attraction which is related to the lake is Imperial Oil Refinery which uses the lake water for different industrial purpose but does not contaminate it at all. There is a small beach which is often vacant as this attraction is only visited on special occasions and weekends.

4. Dartmouth Dam

Dartmouth Dam

This is a place which is often visited by mechanical enthusiasts and therefore it is highly recommended to all. The perilous part of the dam for which it is not recommended to families is the fact that the spillways are not controlled which means that they open and shut as per the pressure of water. This has also lead to accidents in the past.